Album Update Blog #2 – Recording Day 1 & 2

Kinbrae in the studio
Kinbrae in the studio
Kinbrae in the studio

Packed my car with pretty much every single musical gadget I own and drove through to Glasgow on Friday night (15th Jan). Arrived at Andy Bush’s studio and unloaded all the gear then went for a short pub crawl round Shawlands. Vaguely remember tanning a whisky before bed and listening to Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’.

Day 1: Woke with a stinking hangover – can’t handle it. We recorded various piano parts for a song under the working title ‘Aerial View’ – The piano was sounding brilliant. A condenser pair close to the open piano and a sE Electronics Gemini 2 value mic just behind me gave a lovely full, warm sound. Got all the main piano parts down despite the waves of sickness.

The original demo was just a drone played on my Volca Keys synth through a freeze reverb and a simple piano motif so I’m interested to hear where the final song will end up – First thoughts were for a droney, slowly evolving ambient song with maybe some brass and some Jim White-esque Dirty Three drumming.

Snowing all day.

Day 2: Mike came through. Laid down some extra piano and glock parts and then recorded shit loads of cornet and tenor horn. The tune is sounding great – totally different than what we’d originally imagined, but still really good.

Heading back through to Glasgow to record some more this coming Sunday…



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