Album Update #4 – Recording Day 6 & 7

Kinbrae in the studio
Kinbrae in the studio
Kinbrae in the studio

A word of advice. If at any stage you wish to record an album, don’t decide to move flat at the same time.



Day 6: Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts arising from the above, I managed to miss Day 6 in the studio.

I was given the low down that evening from Andy. Things were progressing well – pretty much 3 songs down minus some cornet parts. The day was spent recording synths, percussion and doing some time stretching on samples that Andy had worked on previously. It’s incredible the amount of different sounds that can be produced from one starting point.


And so to Day 7: Battle weary and bruised from carrying various items of furniture up two flights of stairs the previous day I stumbled into the studio ready to go. The day turned out to be productive. I managed to lay down a host of cornet parts (and a melodica one) in a reasonably quick time so the three of us had an improvising session and came up with an idea we may take forward for the album itself.

Back home as I sat on our half-constructed IKEA sofa, abandoned the previous night in an expletive-ridden fit of rage, I assessed how the recording process had gone so far.

It’s gone well.


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