Album Update #5 – Life Update & Return to Coll

A relatively quiet month for us musically. My flat got flooded so I’ve had to move out last minute – luckily though we found a sweet little cottage out in the country. My relocation means that both of us have now moved homes in the process of recording this album.

Our engineer Andy has been away on tour with C Duncan so we’ve been trying to write and record stuff while he’s been away.

We’ve been focusing on the more atmospheric compositions for the record – I’ve been manipulating a load of hydrophone and contact mic recordings to create synth sounds and percussive elements, while Mike has been writing guitar parts using an ebow and freeze/delay/ loop pedals.

All in all, the album is now beginning to take shape. We are starting to consider elements such as track listings and we are also in the process of finalising the track titles.


Saturday 12th March – Stepped off the ferry at the pier. First time I’ve been on Coll since I left in July 2015. Felt like I’d never left. It’s amazing how quickly I slipped back into island life – aimless walking over the landscape, chatting to friends, drinking guiness in the pub while the rugby plays in the background.

It was also a great opportunity to gather more field recordings from the island as well – recordings of the pier as fishermen went out to sea, contact mic recordings of the wind turbines overlooking the village and recordings of late night laughs in the pub.

As I write this it’s starting to feel like we are on the home stretch with this album and we are looking forward to bringing all of the elements we have worked on into a finished product.

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